About Geeta Fashions

What binds us as a great family? A beautiful house, a costly car or all the other luxuries? No, of course not, it’s the love and affection among us, the loyalty and commitments towards each other and all the other values of life that binds us. A family is the most beautiful thing because even in such a big world, you can find a world for yourself in it.

Similarly, we, at Geeta Fashions are continuously committed to deliver the best quality products and services to satisfy our customers with all values of life because we believe that the family values helps to provide better services to our customers and stay close to them.

Snapshot of the Company

Sharda Retails Pvt. Ltd. (SRPL) incorporated in the year 2008, operates in the Retail Business Segment and has departmental stores under the brand name of Geeta Fashions.

With its main operations situated in Kolkata, the comany has its presence in the states of West Bengal, Jharkhand, and Orissa.

Geeta Fashions is based on the concept of 'The Family Store', and promises to deliver a superior value to all its customers by providing quality products at best prices with customer friendly services.

Providing versatile and aesthetically appealing Apparels (Casual, Formal and Ethnic Wear) and Accessories for Men, Women and Kids, Geeta Fashions also offers household products.

‘‘Thinking is the Capital, Enterprise is the Way, Hard -work is the Solution’’ by Abdul Kalam